Boycott British and Anti-Irish Companies

As America awakens to the dawn of terrorism on its own shores, more and more good people are awakening to the fact that terrorism exists on a daily basis for many individuals around the world such as Ireland, Africa, Middle East and China to name a few. Perhaps with this new sense of empathy, Americans will begin to focus on the causes within their own boundaries recognizing that they can no longer financially support countries that deal in terrorism.

Bigotry, Discrimination, Hate, Religious Prejudice, Civil Right violations, Gender discrimination, all forms of discrimination based upon Race, Color and Creed breed hate filled fanatics with the potential to commit terrible acts against their neighbor. The Civil War in the USA is proof of that fact and some of these feelings still remain in the USA.  Even 9-11 dims in the light of the Civil War and the terrible loss of human life. Some may find it enlightening that history supports the fact that the White Race killed more of their own than any other race, China and Africa in the year 2008 are still killing their own. The British the killed millions of the Irish - both white race. 

The only developed country in the world that still supports terrorism is England.  British State sponsored terrorism is dealt out to Nationalists mostly Catholics on a daily basis via British Loyalist Terrorists groups supported by the local police (RUC) and the current political system in NI.

The USA for economic and perhaps self preservation under the Bush administration has joined forces with the British Government in its battle against perhaps the worlds most dangerous terrorist organization. If befuddles many Americans as to how we can be allies with the British in light of current events in NI.  9-11 has turned the USA eyes away from  the injustices of "State sponsored Terrorism" by the British Government.  While Americans worry about what may be, many Irish families go to sleep wondering if a pipe bomb will be thrown into their home this evening by a British Terrorist while the local  police fail to protect. 

Boycott all British and anti-catholic companies especially those in NI. Keep in mind that most of the people of England are opposed to the  NI government and RUC as it exists today. Catholics and Christians and those who support the basic concepts of the founding fathers of America should consider the Ave Maria Mutual Fund Family. This mutual fund does its research and does not support companies that oppose the values of freedom either in the US or abroad..

The British Government continues to ignore the will of the people who have expressed how they by their vote.  They  continue  instead support Terrorist minded organizations in NI. The British government totally has ignores the peace plan voted upon by the people of both North and South of Ireland.  The USA by no surprise has only 50% more or less of  Americans in support the government of the USA at any one time, except of course for self preservation whether real or perceived. Doesn't much differ from the British Government now does it?

Boycott:  Yum Brands and their companies.  Sell the YUM stock. KFC is part of Yum Brands which has over 30,000 Restaurants around the world  including Taco Bell  (already on a boycott list) , A&W Long John Silvers and Pizza Hut.  

INVEST your money  in the AVE MARIA MUTUAL FUND   and if you live in the USA -don't support companies opposed to your values.

Loyalist Terrorist gangs abuse, threaten and continue to  attack the Nationalist work force at the KFC Fountain Hill NI outlet. Loyalist murals are seen on the KFC buildings.   Loyalist murals pained on the wall of KFC in Belfast  KFC buildings have encountered  numerous paint bomb attacks and some closed down in trying to protect  Catholic workers from Loyalist  attacks. Catholics workers at KFC have been the constant targets of Loyalist hate mongers. Graffiti death threats are under police investigation. Death threat are paramount to Terrorism. 

Yum Brands turns a blind eye to the injustice in NI.  Yum's by its actions is  perpetuating - a No Catholic Need Apply scenario in NI. -. KFC  discriminates against Irish Nationalists / Republican areas by placing only  approx 15% of their locations in their areas - Unionist / Loyalist areas approx 57% -  Neutral locations approx 28%.  Actions speak louder than words for the KFC group which supports the British  groups and business owners as they discriminate and terrorize  the Irish Nationalists of NI.

Support the McBride Principles which require the selling of YUM.. 

Voice your concerns to  KFC  at their  website: Keep in in mind that the British people on NI by majority voted for a Peace Plan . It is the corrupt and bigoted government, and those that control the business community in NI which continues to ignore the majority of good people on NI.

One can bet that the Irish folks I know will  avoid eating at any KFC and the other operations of associated with YUM....certainly will sell YUM stock if owned and any American Century Funds which hold YUM stocks.

Consider Selling Stock in the following companies: Miller Beer, VIA, VIA-B, AOL, Phillip Morris, Land Rover, BMW, Ford, British Telcom, British Airlines

Miller Beer products such as Red Dog and MDG wherever it is sold in the world.  

Sell all stock in VIA and VIA-B , AOL Time Warner and TNT and  Phillip Morris   products, all who are sponsors of bigotry and  religious prejudice, one of the main causes of  terrorism in NI and the world.  Howard Stern Show continues to attack the faith of Irish Nationalists in NI  (not funny), sowing the seeds of terrorism by fostering hate and bigotry in the USA. 

Stop the Purchase of Automobiles such as Land Rover, BMW and Ford known for its discrimination  in its Northern Ireland plant. Avoid flying via British Airlines, Sell British Airline stock and British Telecom


You can not do everything but still you can do something, and your BOYCOTT against the causes of terrorism here in the USA and around the world will help free Northern Ireland which will benefit the USA for future generations.


Interesting the in 

2008 The Catholic League also Boycotted Miller Beer

Pass up eating at a KFC, Taco Bell, Long John Silvers, Pizza Hut

GOD BLESS AMERICA  with Liberty and Justice for ALL!

It is unfortunate that the music group "the Chieftains" have Sinead O'Connor who on public TV  openly trashed  Catholics singing on their CD "the wide world over".  Would Not purchase any of  their CD's and ask friends and family to avoid obtaining their music in future.

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