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Free Ireland United and safe from Terrorist attacks is the goal of this web site. Providing information and links to other web sites supporting  Irish cause of Freedom in Northern Ireland.

No One Ranting About Irish Democracy  provides links to Irish information sites which provide the public with information not available via media biased local USA news papers and TV stations which have little or no interest in Peace and Freedom for those subject to daily terrorism in Northern Ireland. In the USA those interested in the ongoing injustices in NI should consider joining an IAUC  or the AOH both supporting freedom for all those living in Northern Ireland. Keep current with Irish News Ireland on Line.

Ironically, England with a known history of terrorism recently labeled  talk show Michael Savage a USA citizen a terrorist and ban him in their country.    What a joke-  a country that has a growing population of people from known terrorist areas which may become a threat to their own country and the USA are concerned about a talk show person in the USA? 

 England is a country with a long history of terrorism that continues to this very day against the Irish people. The British Government  during the Irish Holocaust equals the actions of Hitler, Mao.  The  cover ups and killings and subversive acts are known even in our times. Even today the unjust imprisonment of many Irish remains.  A fact well known to the Irish Community both in Northern Ireland and in the USA.

Unfortunately, these actions of England are the first indications of what USA citizens may find in the future as they witness the growing Anti-American and Anti- Religious elements of society both home and abroad. There is an old saying " History repeats itself". Probably because the last generation ignores history as governments take control of the media indoctrinating and propagandizing the next generation.    "WAKE UP AMERICA".

                                              Many Irish rest in peace but the Cover-Up remains as of 2009  

                               We will not forget Bobby Sands  nor Mickey James Devine and those who died with them

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God Given Rights: America was founded on the belief  that God given rights such as (Life, Liberty, Property and the Pursuit of Happiness) rights that are to be protected and defended  by their government. The right of one to Own Property, Protect oneself  (Right to bear Arms),  Freedom of Religion and the right of Free Speech. Unfortunately the so-called legal system and politicians continue to erode our rights. At the beginning of 2009 many Americans are unfortunately support government control of our God Given Rights. 

Over the past years there has been  a decline of religious and moral values in Europe and in beloved Ireland which in the long run lowers the standards of life for all, as witnessed in all parts of the world. The same seeds of destruction and division have been sown in the USA. The USA faces a serious choice as to what values it will represent in the future for itself and the world as it changes its values.

The Government of Northern Ireland under the guise of Law, subjects nearly 50% of its population to terrorism and double standards. The USA is currently seeing the so-called Law of the land being changed by a few Judges. In other words a few with support of government and police power are making the rules as they see fit for the many. Will our grand-children be subject to the same fate as those living in NI by a government limiting our God-Given rights of Life &, Liberty.

The majority of those living in NI are good people like those living in the USA. Most of  the Irish and American citizens want to live peacefully, enjoy life and their friends and family and together  practice their religious freedoms.  There are no simple answers as to why government attempts to control our lives, except perhaps for the greed and power of our fallen human nature. "Government is not eloquence, it is not reason and like Fire it can be a faithful Servant or out of  control, a Fearful Master." 

The British Government in Northern Ireland has  by force taken God Given Rights from the Irish people, thus their struggle for freedom.  At the end of 2005 the British Government has more Troops in Northern Ireland than it had in Iraq and that number  excluding the local British controlled police force.  A large portion (48%) of  Irish were still living in 2006  under the British Government's heel of oppression in Northern Ireland.  But it has gotten a little better due to a new political agreement and the appearance of an attempt get along. But what did the Irish give up to obtain this agreement. Well Ireland a island may never be "One Nation Once again". Northern Island will remain British with British control of the businesses, factories, police force etc

Nothing new. American is  witnessing a few politically appointed Federal Judges and Supreme courts appointees now attempting to change the law of the land and imposing their will. values and agendas upon the many. A system not perfect but one that has long offered freedom to people of all races, nationalities who have lived for years peacefully. The Struggle for Freedom in NI is the cause of all who want to live in peace and be free of tyranny wherever they live.

2009 -One also has to ask why the Irish are not treated equally regarding immigration. No other country has the jump over the same hoops that the Irish do. Why???  The Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform - The Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers (CIIC) - The Emerald Isle Immigration Center (EIIC)

2009 - One has to beg the question is the war in Northern Ireland really over? Ireland can not really have lasting peace until they have a United Ireland under one Irish Flag. The open  inquiries must be closed by the British Government. They must come clean about the bombings in Dublin and Monaghan. Come clean with their collusion with the Loyalist death squads over the past 37 plus years.  The discrimination against ex prisoners for the past 30 years needs to stop. Many ex prisoners are treated as second-class citizens and are discriminated against because of their beliefs. Many are not allowed to have certain jobs. 

Remember  May 22nd 1998 the (GFA) was endorsed by a majority of the Irish living in NI, both Catholic and Protestant. But by the end of 2006 the Agreement drastically changed and has become a product of inclusive negotiations involving all the parties and the Irish and the British government.

2007- March - Paisley (DUP) and supporters have cleverly circumvented the GFA vote of the large majority of the people in NI and have kept control of the police powers in NI.  London claims a victory for the Democratic process and the DUP and Sinn Fein have emerged from the polls as the two largest parties.  The end of Para-military violence is welcomed and the Stormont Administration which emerged out of the recent elections falls far short of being a democratic government.  

This agreement kills any hope for a United and Free Ireland with NI remaining a Subject of the British Government. The new system will provide the minority party Unionists, with the right of the control of a permanent veto on the political reunification of the Irish Nation.

 In a democratic system, when the citizens no longer support the leaders of a government, citizens can vote them out.  This has not ad will not be the case in Northern Ireland.  Under this new system, if the citizens so elect to replace a member of their party then one must be appointed from the same party and religious affiliation. In return for this compromise for the minority DUP the Sinn Fein Ministers will be granted with a rubber stamp and at the same time be allowed to finance a small number of pork barrel projects thus keeping all those who supported this agreement quiet in their retirement.

Many will say that this agreement is the best compromise that could be obtained. Irish Patriots who have long fought and died to return NI to Mother Ireland will see this as a lost opportunity and a sell out via compromise. History does repeats itself.

Old patriots will lament over what may never be seen in their lifetime, a Free United Ireland..  Left only to sing " A Nation Once Again"  or perhaps "Only our Rivers Run Free" at the local Pub.

As of May 2004 murders of Nationalists mostly Catholics have continued to be carried out by British Loyalist anti-Catholic gangs with the assistance of representatives of the British government, in other words "State sponsored Terrorism".  Just five years ago and now where are they? 

Human Rights organizations such as  British-Irish Watch, UN Special Reporter, Human Rights Watch, Param Cumaraswamy and members of our own US Congress have joined in acknowledging that the "British State Sponsored Terrorism" in Northern Ireland needs to cease.

Difficult as it may seem to understand for many Americans, it was just recently that the British Government withdrew some 30,000 soldiers from Northern Island. The British Government continues its acts of  Terrorism dealing in injustice via British Loyalist terrorists supported by the RUC  the State sponsored police force and local  Military Forces in Northern Ireland.  

The good people of Ireland and Northern Ireland reached a peace agreement. Both peace seeking Protestants & Catholics by the overwhelming majority (Free State of Ireland 95% and 72% Captive British Northern Ireland) voted for the "Peace Plan".   

2004 the  Peace Plan has not been implemented by the British Government. With total disregard of the vote of the people the British government continues to support the Catholic-bashers and Religious Bigots of Northern Ireland who continue to attack and terrorize and violate civil and  human rights The British supported local government in NI continues to allow those who wish to undermine the peace efforts of those who voted for peace to find reasons for not carry out the full mandate of the people of Ireland which is establishing a government treating all equally in accordance with the Good Friday Agreement.

"British Sponsored Terrorism" and the subversive arm of the British government openly killed Patrick Finucane and Rosemary Nelson who were attorneys acting in a lawful manner for human rights. The IRA was resurrected in the late 1960's precisely because of these on going attacks against undefended British Loyalist killings and maiming and bomb attacks on men, women and children in NI which is a daily experience..

British military power was used in the past when the British Government withheld food supporting the systematic starvation of millions of Irish and took by force of arms, the land, livelihood, and churches of the people of Ireland. 

British Propaganda: The British news media and its unyielding propaganda reaches world wide as many Nations already fully understand.  Americans unfortunately are just starting to become aware of how the media with its bigoted political, social  and cultural views can influence the general public.  Our American way of life and  freedoms are constantly under attack by an unbridled media which either openly or with subliminal propaganda presents its agendas whether religious, political or cultural to our children and society.

The British propaganda machine and supporters have gone so far as to post web sites under the name of Noraid and Irish Northern Aid in an attempt to promote their economic, social and political control together with their on going "State Sponsored Terrorism" in Northern Ireland while misleading the public.                   

Boycott whenever possible British products, stocks and companies. 9-11 created an atmosphere of national defense for both  the US.  World Terrorism temporarily takes the eyes of the USA public off the British Governments support of Terrorism in NI.   

Become Aware: Defending the human rights of  Irish people is in effect defending our own freedoms and that of all free people.  An indifference to injustice and terrorism in the world is an acceptance of it.  A nation that chooses  to be ignorant and free, expects what never was and never will be.  Become aware of the Media Bias. 

Our hearts and support go out to those who suffer daily from injustice in all parts of the world, no matter what their race, color or creed.

We only ask that you take time to check out the information links provided and become aware. The indifference to Terrorism in Northern Ireland is the acceptance of it. History no longer allows Americans to be indifferent to Terrorism in the world as they prepare for the same in the USA..   Become Aware!

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St. Patrick *  Free Northern Ireland

All that is necessary for the forces of evil to prevail in the world, is for enough good people to do nothing.      

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